[SOLVED] Building a minecraft server


Aug 5, 2019
Hello everyone!
I was thinking to build a "dedicated minecraft server" to play with my friends and, in the same time, to use it as a "storage pc" but I don't know what components should I use.
I know:
  1. Minecraft eats a lot of ram... so I wouldn't go for anything lower than 16GB of ram
  2. It's processor based and barely uses more than 1 core so I would go for lower amount of cores but higher clock speeds
  3. Since it's a server and must run as fast as possible it must have a fast ssd (I will get high capacity HDD later - probably a 2TB or 3TB HDD is enough?)
  4. Since it will just run the server - a cmd window - i don't need a beefy discreet GPU
I have to mention that I will run modded version too (not in the same time tho) like big FTB packs or something equivalent in system resources
I don't know if i will need a dedicated ethernet card but I think i won't (?)
I also don't know what os to use. I know that linux offers better performance but I will use windows because it's much easier to me to use it but there comes another problem: what version? I heard that windows 8.1 is much faster than windows 10 but never used windows 8.1 to confirm it (i don't want to use windows 7 since it's support is nearly down)
3 more mentions and I'm done:
I live in Romania and I would like to buy them from here because used old hardware is much cheaper
I would use websites like olx.ro; lajumate.ro; okazii.ro and for new components I would like to use pcgarage.ro or even emag.ro (but there prices are a bit higher)
Price: as low as possible - i don't want to spend more than $350 - $400 1500 - 1700 ron or lei (they are the same thing)
Thanks for reading this whole book that I wrote and the coming answers :)