Building a new computer


Apr 29, 2009
Im building a new computer for gaming and im wondering if what ive picked is the right choice.

Intel I7 920 2.66 ghz (hoping to get it overclocked some how)
gtx 295
x58 mobo
6gig ram
500 - 700 watt power supply
lenovo l220 monitor :sol:
antec 1200 case :love:

I dont know very much about computers, just basic stuff, so im not sure if these are the right choices. I just want to be able to run crysis and empire total war on full everything and 1920 1200 resolution.

Oh and do you think i should wait for directx 11 cards or go ahead and get thie gtx 295, ill be getting a computer in 10 to 12 weeks so i can wait for a directx 11 compatible card if its close enough.

Thanks! :)


Nov 28, 2008
Everything looks good, except make sure you get a 700w psu at a minimum NO 500W!

I would personally get a gtx 275 (which should fill your need just fine) for now and then buy a nice dx11 card towards the end of the year. But you can not go wrong ether way!


Nov 28, 2008
I would say that the gtx 275 is about 35% slower than the gtx 295. Once overlocked you should be able to max out everything except post processing (set to high) and get 27-31 fps average. Not amazing but playable in crysis as it run smoother than other games.

On the other hand that gtx 295 is two gtx 275 in one card, you will not see double performance however do to gpu scaleing. You will however be able to max out crysis with maybe 40fps average, the only disadvantage is that it is twice the price of the gtx 275 and dx11 will be hear soon.

It basically comes down to weather or not you have the cash for the gtx 295. Empire should be not problem at all for ether card.
Well Tech-Boy there is just a small error in your post...the GTX 295 is actually 2 GTX 260 and not GTX 275 in internal SLI...
And waiting for a DX 11...Hmm...well if you are planning to wait that long, then get a GTX 260 for $180 now, save the $300 and when DirectX 11 cards come out, get those...
The GTX 260 would handle that resolution pretty well at medium-High settings easy...And even going with the GTX 275 for $250 is a good option...

1. OP you did NOT list any brands for the motherboard, PSU, RAM.

2. Get a HIGH QUALITY PSU from Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Antec or OCZ. 600W+ would be your range.


My recomendations for motherboards:
$185 after MIR
^Good basic motherboard, CrossFire only (Note: This board is apparently able to run SLI with BIOS update see )

PC Power & Cooling 750
$105 after MIR
Great PSU for the price. Very good quality. Allows for CrossFire for up to 4870.
Corsair 650TX
$90 after MIR. Again, very good quality and stability. CrossFire/SLI up to 4830.
Corsair 620HX
$120 after MIR.
Again, great PSU and it's modular.

$240. Can do CrossFire/Tri-SLI.