Building a new conputer in 2010


Apr 14, 2010
hi all
I have been charged with the task of building my friend a new computer and i have a budget of around $500 AUS. Its been a while since my last build about 3yrs and so ive lost pace with the hardware about these days am wondering if any one can make any suggestions as per the cpu graphics and motherboard. I must say i like amd and want to use the computer for general surfing word processing and some minor gaming perhaps some video editing like conversion from vob files to avi's and the like but not much else. ATX form factor the best ram i can afford and a dvd/blu ra burner r wot i want& a reasonable motherboard that is reliable. Can any one please help me with a good list i dont need a monitor just the components inside the tower. like i said $500 is my budget please help thank you many times over
Ok so I don't know Australian sites to buy from but based on the conversion to Canadian dollars it's $460. I'll assume the prices of the parts convert the same but the options I list range anyway.

Athlon IIx3 440 3.0GHz : Currently the best $/ power return especially for gaming. 3 cores is better than 2 cores and it's high stock clock speed makes up for a lot. Currently at the price of intel dual cores
Athlon IIx4 620 2.6GHz: For those who think go quad or go home. Mine is overclocked to 3.25GHz on stock voltage. a bit over $100 the most expensive of the 3
Athlon IIx2 240 2.8GHz: currently the best bang for $ dual core processor. Probably all you need. Least expensive.

to save on costs I would recommend an AM2+ motherboard with DDR2 memory. DDR3 is still new and although better, big performance gains are not yet realized, especially in the budget market

4GB is a good amount. This should be your last concern as ram has the worst performance/ $ return for buying more expensive ram. The kingston budget models are reliable.

Hard drive:
If you can get a samsung spinpoint F3 where you are get it. If, like in canada, they are scarce and hard to get the Western digital drives are good. For you, their blue drives would suffice.

Video Card:
the integrated radeon 4200 or 3200 on most motherboards is what I recommend for integrated but with integrated you will be limited to cod4 on minimum settings. If you want to casually play modern games at acceptable framerates, I recommend the radeon 4670, which falls to about $75. For $60 the 4650 is another good option but performs accordingly.

Power supply:
I have found OCZ seems to be decently priced and have a lot of mail in rebates. So a 500W modxstream if it's at a good price. If not, a 400W from seasonic or sparkle will be a quiet option while also remaining inexpensive. Corsair is really good quality but at it's expensive price does not belong in a budget build.