Building a new PC, unsure on motherboard

Grimble Crumble

Aug 11, 2007
I'm building a new computer (for regular gaming, nothing extreme), and am, among other things, unsure on my choice of motherboard. I want to use the Pentium D 805 and overclock to at most 3.8 ghz. Which brings up my first concern. The article praising the 805's overclocking is almost 2 years old, will it still be good enough for most games, and is there a better value for a processor? Now I want to use 2-4 gigs of pc2-6400 ram,, so four ram slots (and pc2-6400 compatibility) would be necessary. I will be using my 8600 GT until I can buy a new card, so a PCI-e slot needed. The motherboard I found is an eVGA 650i Ultra,
Can that board overclock it to 3.8? Now, if there are any better-priced components that fit into my scheme, what would they be?