Building a new rig. Need help with display.


Jun 14, 2016
Hi there,

I am starting University this fall and with that i am building a new rig for the first time in 6-7 years. So i have had a lot of catching up to do hardware wise. The machine will mostly be used for study/programming but with some casual gaming. But i also also want to be ready for next gen VR(as this gen doesn't seem quite mature).
So far i have decided on GTX 1080 and Samsung 950 NVMe m.2. So far so good.
Then i started looking at display. I like the idea of a 34" screen. That way i can work with one screen instead of two(as i am doing now). And the curved displays seem appealing.

I was going to go with the Acer X34A seeing as that seemed to be the best display. But then i saw that the Dell u3415w was almost half price in my country. So i started researching. I read the review here on TH for the Dell u3415w and it was highly recommended.
Now after reading on the forums for the last week i am getting more and more overwhelmed with info and confused about what to pick.

One person wrote that curved displays were bad for work?
Then there's the 144hz vs. g-sync inssue.
With a GTX 1080 will i even notice any tear/stutter?
Is the Dell not a good choice for gaming? Are there other screens that i should look at?
Is there rumored new HW coming out this summer that should be considered?(I have until September til i start school)

I am appologize about all the questions.. thanks in advance :)
Curved displays are good for gaming but bad for work, because it makes working with straight lines of any kind an absolute pain. Since you're spending that much you could instead opt for a triple monitor surround setup. Pascal has brought a big improvement as to how surround setups are handled, making them much more viable for games (and obviously productivity).

It will cost a bit more but you can get three of these and put them on a VESA mount. They are 27", 1440p, have a 144Hz refresh rate and support G-Sync.

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