Question Building a New System - Encountering a Few Concerning Issues


Nov 9, 2013
The first issue was a piece I can't identify or know where it goes. I believe it came with the case in the same packet as the motherboard standoffs.

I was able to install 8 standoffs, which is normal. An additional central one was a hard-placed one. The case only included 8 standoffs and 8 screws. they all fit properly but..... there was a 9th piece in the packet. It kind of looks like a miniature spacer from the NH-D15 parts, except it's metal. It also has a phillips head on it and other other end has a hole where it looks like a small alan key could fit. It was in the same packet as standoffs. What is this object and what is it for?

The next issue was after applying thermal paste and placing the noctua cooler heat sink on top of it. I had trouble screwing them in securely. Even if I alternated sides back and forth one side kept popping up and not screwing in all the way. I eventually got it down solid after enough time and muscle.. but I'm concerned I might've messed up the thermal paste spread in the process or air pockets or something got in them. Should I be worried about this?

The case I have chosen, despite me having Corsair Vengeance LPX low profile DDR4 memory, I had to raise the second fan of the CPU cooler to make it fit inside. The second fan is very much touching the RAM sticks and the outer lip might even be dipping 1 or 2 mm between the sticks... if I raise the fan any higher, the side panel won't close. So it just snuggly fits and touches but I'm concerned about the fan touching the DRAM sticks. Is this safe to do?

I just have the PSU left to install then to wire everything up. I'll post here if any other issues crop up.

Thanks for your time anyone, any help or advice is appreciated!