Question Building a PC with my niece next week... questions

Oct 21, 2020
Hi all,

First time poster here. Helping my niece build her first PC next week. Tried to tell her to wait a little for better deals on gpus/CPUs but no luck.

Here are components:


Mainly q's about lights off all things... Seems like I have to expect gpu lights to act independently, but I should be able to connect all the fans and case to the splitter the cf120s came with and plug that into the argb header on Mobo.

Would I be better off buying a controller for the lights instead of using Mobo?

She's planning to run this pc off 1 m.2 drive, is that gonna be okay?

Any general tips I might need to know being out of the game 20yrs?

All advice is greatly appreciated


Start here:,5867.html


Download the User Guide/Manuals for all components - starting with the X570 motherboard.

Most likely the User Guide will refer you to the manufacturer's website for more up to date information, caveats, QVL's etc..

Pay close attention to the notes and fine print. Details matter.

(For example, some motherboards require that the first installed RAM module be inserted into a particular RAM slot.)

Double check that all the other components are indeed compatible with/supported by the motherboard.

Learn more about the PSU included with the case. The PSU is a very critical component and "just ok" is not what I would recommend.

Maybe a separate case and then a specific PSU instead of a combined kit.,4229.html

Walk through the build process and plan the build step-by-step.

Focus on setting up a functional and stable PC. Then work on the rgb eye candy and other tweaks as required/desired.

Do not get rushed. Clean, well lit organized work area.

Have tools ready at hand. Flashlights are very handy to really see what is (or is not) going together right.

All too easy to have something go astray and things do not end well.
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