building a rig for entertainment


Jun 19, 2008
I'll need some suggestion since i'm going to help my friend to build a system which he plans to use for entertainment (not so much gaming)...budget ain't a problem..
is there a difference with a mid-range display card to the top notch one for videos? ( e.g the gts 250 ~ gtx 295, or the ati's) cuz for gaming we can see the diference in the FPS and reso.. etc... so i hv no clue if it will hv a difference in videos as well..
cpu... his planning to buy a i7 920... is it worth? (i've read reviews which they say the i7 is a future proof cpu.. so this might be good for him)
mobo, asus one.. (pls tell me a good one in case if he wants to buy an i7..
psu his planning to buy a 900W..... i dun think he needs that much horsepower since is not a gaming rig..
3x2GB DDR3
planning to use windows7..
btw he already owns the fatality titanium already...
i personally think that his spending too much on his rig..
anyways any suggestions would be appreciated


Jun 11, 2009
he is spending too much money.

if he is just watching videos even a GTS250 is overkill. Get something like a ATI 4670, no reason to involved 6/8pin power connectors.

If he wants an i7 that's his choice. But for less money he could build a solid AM3 AMD build based off something like the P2 720 Triple Core.

And yes 900W psu is SUPER FREAKING OVERKILL. On a system like this 400W would suffice.