Dec 24, 2012
hi everyone,
i'm seek and tired of reviewing benchmark and all the bullshit everywhere,,, its full of marketing and advertising .... youtubing and googling relating workstaion already gave me plenty of headache and stress...
so finally came here to settle down my issues..i'm planning to build a workstation for 3d animation, 3ds max, cinema 4d ,adobe suite and vegas pro for video editing...

i have already bought
i7 3970x cpu
and confused with whether to go amd fire pro v5000 or v4900
actually my specs were
i7 3970x
amd fire pro v5000
asus x79 sabert0oth MoBo
240 ssd
2tb hard drive
750 watt psu
32gb ram 1600 mhz...(1800 mhz)if some one can explaing higher benefits
cm 690 2 adv case


Your harddrive setup is certainly not optimal for such a workstation.
I'm assuming the SSD will be for the OS andprograms and the 2tb for storage
that means you'll need at least 2 more fast drives. 1 for a scratch disk and one for a destination drive. You want to avoid reading and writting to the same drive at the same time.