Question Building an "Alienware" custom build


Oct 12, 2016

I'm working on a new PC to fit a colour scheme that isn't the usual cliche red/black etc- its a cyan & silver theme and while i have picked out my parts to order i struggled with the case the most, i ended up buying a cheap Alienware Aurora R8 chassis with a mouse/keyboard combo

i bought the case as its the closest thing to what i wanted and i like the looks.. i just hate proprietary systems that have upgrade limitations which is why i didn't just buy an complete alienware desktop.. not to mention they are mad expensive for what you can build in the same budget

long story short, i got an alienware case and a ROG impact X570 slapped inside, i already prepared it for a worst case scenario being the case doesn't work with anything on the ROG board..

I'm wondering if anyone out there has any idea if the software in question (Alien Command Center) will work on the ROG motherboard to support the case features like the lights.. also if the alienware keyboards and mice will properly work in something non-alienware. usually OEM's are picky when it comes to custom parts in things..

relevant spec:

Alienware Aurora R8 chassis
ASUS ROG Crosshair Impact VIII X570 DTX
Ryzen 7 3700X
Alienware AW768 KB
Alienware AW958 Mouse
The mouse and keyboard are sold separately. They should work with any computer with the drivers installed. They make no mention of requiring a Dell/Alienware specifically. Just Windows 10. I've used other Dell keyboards on off brand computers with no problem.

The case would depend more on how it connects. If the RGB is controlled by USB. Then it'll probably work fine with drivers. If it connects to an RGB header. You'll need to see if some special wiring is needed to adapt it to your motherboards header or if it is even possible. Which would make it contolled by your motherboard's RGB software.

Also for the case. You could have just picked something you like the design of. Then spray painted it the colors you like. I've done that before.