Building an inexpensive desktop for a buddy


Feb 18, 2009
Hello all,

I'm pricing out components for a pc i'm building for a friend of mine in the near future, and I wanted to run them by everyone here. you guys really know your stuff. your comments or suggetions are greatly appreciated!!!


Processor option 1

Processor option 2

RAM (i'd get 4 gigs)



Optical Drive

There are two processor options i'm giving him because price is the driving factor on this rig. this is not meant to be a gamer rig, just a speedy pc for school work etc, that can handle a decent game now and then.

Oh yeah, and the OS will be Vista Ultimate x64. He gets a wicked discount through school.

Thanks for your help!

It's better to get 1 set of 4 GB (2x2GB) rather than 2 sets of 2GB giving you a config of 4x1GB. The motherboard is kinda crappy and it's a bit dated, but hey it's cheap. Make sure to check out the PNY website to be sure that it will support those two CPUs without a BIOS update. If it needs a BIOS update, then you will need to use an older CPU to get it to POST so you can flash the BIOS.