Question Building an Micro-ATX PC, Need Help

Jul 18, 2019
Hi Guys,

I am a music producer who has been using a HP ENVY x360 for a few years but I am looking to build my first PC for music production and video editing/photoshop use. I am looking to use an Micro ATX case but was wondering If there was anyone who I could PM back and forth that can help me pick the right parts. I am looking to get an AMD Ryzen 7 3700k processor as It's more budget friendly, and from comparison looks more powerful than the regular I7 6700HQ found in an MSI GE62vr laptop I was initially going to purchase. However not being completely PC savvy, I am getting overwhelmed and don't want to pick an incompatible motherboard, graphics card etc. Albeit this journey is actually quite fun and interesting than just going out and overpaying for a laptop lol.

I am not an EDM producer who will be running 100+ plugins at once, but I still wanted something powerful enough to future proof me If I ever started bigger projects as some plugins can be cpu heavy, but also enough power to do average photoshop work and video editing/rendering but literally youtube videos with a few effects, nothing super crazy.

If there's anyone who will happy to PM me back and forth, I'd be so grateful haha!