Building and selling (sorry, it's properly in the wrong category)



Hey guys, I'm brad, I'm young. I have some money left over after Christmas, and I don't have anything to sped it on, so I thought I'd try and make some money(good idea, I know. Lol). So do you guys think its a good idea to buy computer parts, build the computer and then sell it on sites such as eBay, what do you guys think. Is this a good idea? If so, what parts should I use, any suggestions and any information is very, very welcome. Thanks for your help, I'm new to this website and I'm already loving it! - Brad
Unfortunately the selling price for custom build PCs from unknown builders is typically lower than the part cost.

You might approach a local best buy, etc., and see if they have jobs for people with the skill to assemble a PC. (low risk) Or you might buy dead PCs on ebay and create working systems by repairing them. (high risk).
Its going to be hard to make money like that. Compare yourself to say Dell, HP, Alienware type companies. Realize that you don't offer any warranty, tech support or even some kind of certification that you know what your doing. Nor do you have any advertising or reputation.

If you want to go this route, build to order PC's. Ask around friends, family, school-mates or other people in your local area if they need a computer built. That way you offer a custom, personalized service and you are somewhat known to the people who are buying. Stress the fact you can custom build a machine to suit their purposes, which they wont get from going to Dell or whoever. Build them the rig and throw $100-150 on top of the price as a builders fee.
Yeah I tried this myself, I even hunted for absolute bargain prices and ended up building a PC for about £400 where the part cost would normally be about £500. I still lost so much money on it. The main problem is that people buying these PC's don't really know what a good bargain is. Also what was mentioned above, you can't really offer tech support and a warranty etc.