Building cheap low performance/low footprint and tiny pc build

Jul 10, 2018
Hey everyone,

My dad has been complaining about his 10 year old for a while now, today he told me he had to upgrade his browser to access even facebook.
So i told him; you can't get your browser updated on that old OS, it'll fry your laptop.
I asked him if he would consider getting a new one and offered to build it for him.
Here's the thing tho i have very little knowledge of small low-end builds.
He told me that all he needed to do on it was use his browser for stuff like banking and simple online games, so i'm off to my favourite pc building site to see how much a small pc like that would cost.

Here's the parts i picked:
Case:Antec VSK2000
PSU:Chieftec GPF-250P
CPU:Intel® Pentium G4560, 3,5 GHz
RAM:G.Skill 4 GB DDR3-1333 2-stick kit
For storage i was planning to just take the old HDD out of his laptop

Now the price came in around 230 EUR and i thought well, i think this is way too overkill for such a simple low-end small pc.
I would like some recommendations aswell as tips for picking parts for this build.
I felt like getting a new laptop wouldn't be worth it as he barely moves it from that spot anyways and new laptops can be much more expensive.
Let me know if this would be a idea or if any parts conflict with each other.
The goal here is to get an alright performance for a cheap price and small size.

LINKS (sorry for the website, it's the most convenient one for me)

Edit: noticed my parts will need an update as i picked a ddr4 mobo unintentionally
Jul 10, 2018

This is a VERY good option that i did not consider yet and probably never would have, there might not even be a need to upgrade to Windows 10. Eitherway i appreciate the pesponse and will have a look.