[SOLVED] Building first computer in two days, are these parts going to work well together or at all?

I'd personally ditch the spinning drive for an SSD, even if smaller at 500 GB...(Crucial's MX500 is $65 for $500 GB, and $100 or so for one TB; life is too short waiting 45 seconds for shutdowns and bootups compared to 8-10 seconds w/ SSDs)

A GTX650 was a n entry level GPU 8 years ago, and is likely much too slow for any modern graphically taxing games. Find a GTX1050 or 1050Ti if on a budget...

(I'd also spend the extra $10 on a Corsair 600 watt PSU instead so you are not forced to change it 3 months later when upgrading GPUs)

Good luck with your build!