Question Building first pc....questions on building custom cables (OCZ ZT650W, MSI 770 Twin FRZN, Intel79si)

Apr 14, 2019
I am starting to build my first pc, finally, and am in need of some help. The whole reason I got into building my own is due to wanting an aesthetically pleasing rig for my home office along with wanting a new hobby. I should state that I have been having OCD with wanting to do as much DYI as I possible can. I have spent very little on this build as I have bought used, been given older parts from a friend and also a coworker and have been gifted others from previous birthdays/Christmases. The first task that I am going to tackle is building my own full length cables w/ sleeves. I have just bought a used OCZ ZT650W PSU, which did not have any cables. As I started researching about everything I came across a few questions/clarity issues that I could use some help on. Most of the questions might be no-brainer questions for most of you on here which is why I am reaching out. Please see below for my list of questions:

1) My PSU states it has a 20+4 ATX connector. Am I correct to think that a 24 pin could be used as the 20+4 is just meaning it could be used with both 20 pin and 24 pin connectors?

2) I will only need to buy female pins for my connectors as it is full length cables from PSU to other components?

3) THE OCZ ZT650W PSU has (2) 6+2 PCI-E connectors while the MSI 770 Twin FRZN has (2) 8 pin connectors. I will just match the placement of the cables from one connector to the other, no crossing or such (Example: Top left corner of 6+2 connector will feed to top left corner of 8 pin connector?)

4) My PSU has a 4+4 pin ESP/12V CPU connector. Is this the same as an EPS connector? The connector on the PSU looks the exact same as the PCI-E, are the connectors interchangeable? What is the difference? The sequence of connector pin shapes (square and flanged) are the exact same.

Thanks in advance for any/all help!