Building gaming PC :: help with gpu


Nov 1, 2011
Am planning on building a gaming PC and need some help with video card options. Would like to play BF3 on the higher end as far as settings go.

Here's what I'm planning on:
OS: Windows 7 (32bit)*
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K (I plan on overclocking (lots of reviews saying 4.5ghz should be no prob with this cpu))
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100
GPU: ? (I would say no more than $500 or somewhere around there)
PSU: ?
Storage: Maxtor 6B250S0 (HD)* & maybe an SSD (possibly in the future)
Optical Drive: Sony DVD RW DW-Q28A ATA Device*
Resolution: 1920x1080
Case: Fractal R3 w/two 120mm fans

*Carry over from my current PC

I'm not sure what power supply/motherboard I will be needing yet, I guess I will be off to the Mobo/PSU forums next (unless someone here has some recommendations). But what I am really asking is what a good video card would be with the above components so far. I was looking at the EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Superclocked, maybe there's something better in terms of price/performance?? This is my first build so I'm learning as I go. Any recomendations would be helpful.



Oct 29, 2011
Yea the EVGA cards are usually a safe bet. Personally I would get the single best card I could afford and if you wish to upgrade down the line you can just go SLI.. win win as I see.
SLI on that card would be a beast even in a years time!


Jan 25, 2010
Getting 2 560ti's in SLI or 2 6950s in Crossfire will provide significantly better performance than a single 580. Either of these dual card setups will be overkill at almost any resolution for quite some time. Some people prefer not to go with dual-card setups, but they do provide the best performance for the money.

Recommend getting a big PSU that's more than you think you'll need (by about 100-150watts) to allow for future upgrades. 750w is a popular choice- you can get a unit from the best companies for around 100 bucks.