Aug 28, 2011
I'm building my first gaming rig. I've chosen a Phenom II 940 for the price and and have bought a Seasonic 600w power supply. I was thinking of getting a 4870 with 1gb ddr5 memory. Can somebody recommend me a future proof AM3+ motherboard and case? My budget is £100 but I might be able to squeeze it to £175 if I buy the GFX card later. Also, is there any problem with my choices so far? For example, are there any better and more affordable GDDR5 memory cards out there?


Mar 20, 2010
do not go for dx10 cards, it is already considered try playing games like dirt 3, shogun 2 and it'll lag.

Correct me if i'm wrong but you have 100£ for gpu only or whole thing?


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Here are some good recommendations:
Case: Antec 300 - good airflow, cheap, easy to work with might want to add a fan or two as intakes, but overall really nice.
Mobo: You will be wanting an AM3+ mobo. Either 870 or 970 based chipsets are the way to go on a budget. You still get Sata3 and Usb3. Some boards even allow you to utilize Crossfire.

As for Phenom II 940, it is really old, other options would probably be much better.

The PSU selection should be good, so I think that will not be an issue.

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