Building my first pc soon, are these parts compatible with each other?



I'm planning to build my first pc this june, and while i have done some research, i would like to know if all of these parts are fully compatible with each other.

My pc will be mostly be used for gaming and some cad work (mostly architecture, maybe some 3d modelling too).

CPU: i7-6700
MOBO: Gigabyte H170N - WIFI (i need the wireless feature, and this seems easier than getting a wireless adapteR)
GPU: Gigabyte GTX970 extreme gaming (going to wait and see if pascal is worth getting for 1080p gaming)
PSU: Seasonic X750 (will it be needed or is 650w enough for the next few years)
HDD: 1TB (still unsure which to get)
SSD: about 250gb, also unsure which to get
Case: Corsair SPEC 02 (will get 3 Coolermaster xtraflo fans, will they fit?)
Internal optical drive: Probably an ASUS 24x DVDRW drive

So these are pretty much the parts i will probably be getting. I would assume there will be no much difference if i choose to get a pascal gpu instead, I'm just going to play games at 1080p(mostly fps games, but occasionally the most demanding next gen games), so right now, it seems that the 970 can do that pretty easily, and since i'm used to lowered settings, i might not have any problems with sub 60fps either.

Anyway few questions
1-should i get thermal paste or is it pre applied/provided with the cpu/cooler.
2-should i get a anti static band or should i just repeatedly ground myself.
3-all the cabling comes with the components right?
4-how upgradable will this rig be for the next 4-5 years (if i get the 970, i might upgrade it in 3-4 years)

Anyway thanks for reading through, and please give me feedback on my build and if any component is not compatible, please give a suggestion on which i should replace it with.
650W version is enough, and get samsung 850 evo, those last a while.

Most coolers come with paste (preapplied or in tube), so don't worry about it unless the manufacturer states otherwise.

All the cables should come with the system, but you might have only 2-3 SATA cables with the motherboard.

No static band needed, just touch the case before touching components, and don't wear plastics (nylon, polyester fleece, etc) or wool and you'll be fine.

As for upgradability, excellent. You can add more memory, better GPU, and more disks later without issue.


thanks, btw if the only thing i'll be overclocking is the gpu, will i need to get the extra case fans or just stick with the ones they provided?

Don't bother with extra fans right now, most builds actually don't need additional fans (that case comes with two already)

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