Building my own PC plz help


Aug 19, 2011
hi i have decided to build my own computer i need to know when i install windows 7 on this brand new computer will it install all the drivers automaticaly for me?

will i need to download extra drivers online for my motherboard or any other component i have ? i know my graphics card needs its own drivers to work properly, but as far as i know, installing windows 7 should do the rest right?
1. Finish build
2. Install Windows
3. Install stuff on MoBo drivers disk
4. Install GFX card drivers
5. Install other divers
6. Run windoze update

For 3,4 and 5, you should spend ya time while aiting for the stuff to be delivered doing.....

1. Download all drivers .... ones on the CD will be outdated.
2. Download and print all the manuals.
3. READ the manuals
4. RTFM Again :)