Building my own PC


Jun 26, 2015
Hello guys so I was planning to build my own PC fir the first time I have considered all components which I think should be fine . Can you tell if the components listed below would be compatible with each other or not and if the build will work or not. Please also do clarify me if building a pc really has that specific drawback that 'their components will malfunction within 2 or 3 months and you will have to buy new one '. The components are-
i5 6600k
gtx 1060 6gb
2*8gb hyper x fury ddr4 ram
mobo-ga h110m s2 lga1151 socket
antec cpu radiator (lga1151 socket)
550w psu
Wd 1 tb HDD
external dvd drive
Please do tell if pc parts really get malufunctioned in months and if these parts are compatible or not. Or if the pc problem is serious should I get a ps4 pro. Please keep in mind that initially I want to build a pc only. Thanks in advance



That's the first time I've heard that story. Each part comes with a warranty (typically 2-3 years). Even that cheap motherboard you picked has a 3 year warranty. If it malfunctions within the warranty period you can submit an RMA with the manufacturer and they will replace the failed part.

With that said you should know you are building a system with the main components that are from 2015, Intel's 6th-gen CPU and 100 series chipset motherboard are somewhat obsolete. Limited to quad-core i5 and i7, the CPUs are still fast enough for modern applications and gaming, however, they will not have the future performance that the newer 8th-gen is capable of giving.

Also, the H110 chipset is not meant for overclocking, but the i5-6600K is meant for overclocking. You would do better to buy an i3-8100 and Z370 motherboard. The i3-8100 is just as fast as a non-overclocked i5-6600K. Plus the Z370 motherboard will allow you to purchase a six-core i5 or i7 later.


May 12, 2017
First of all, please state what "Antec radiator" and what "550W PSU" you want to use. Especially the PSU model can be important here.

Other than that, I mostly agree with volkgren. As an alternative to what he proposes, you could also:

a. Get the i5-6600K and pair it with a Z170 or Z270 mainboard instead.
b. Get the i5-6600 without K and keep the H110 mainboard.

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