Building new comp need suggestions


Feb 6, 2010
Hello, i am building a budget computer and i wanted to make sure these items are compatable and see if anyone had suggestions on diff items etc... right now my budget is only 500 cant get much but here's what i have so far

i didnt know what to do with ram i dont kno what the numbers mean so i picked randomly:/
Graphics Card:
this computer is going to be used to basicly play league of leagands so i didnt really kno what to get i just wanted a card that can run it on medium/high settings
power supply:
Dvd drive:

i have a monitor keybored mouse and hdd at home already i am still not 100 pct sure if all this goes together or if there is anything better i can do? I hope you guys can help me haha only 2nd time putting together a computer.

I would also like to say thanks Toms hardware site always replys fast and gives helpfull info i love this site haha :]