[SOLVED] Building new intel pc, are these components good?


Jan 19, 2017
Hello, everyone. I'm building a new pc to replace my 5yo i3 4th gen. I want it to last a least 3 years.

I've been reading a bunch of threads from multiples sites, and I have come with this hardware:

CPU: i5-10400 〜 130 USD
MOBO: Asus B560m Tuf Gaming Plus Wifi 〜 100 USD
RAM: kingston fury beast 2x8gb 3200 mhz KF432C16BB/8 〜75 USD
SSD: Crucial BX500 480gb 〜 50 USD
Total 〜 350. I already have a buyer for my old pc and i'll get 50 USD from it, so i will have to spend total 300 USD.

I intend to buy a 1050ti next month for about 350 USD.

I also have an 1080p 60hz display, a 500w psu, and a corsair spec alpha case, and i'll be using W10

This are my questions:
  1. Will the previous gpu's run well with this hardware? is the psu enough? i'll doing light gaming like valorant, apex legends and pugb in low settings.
  2. what do you think about the mobo? I've been searching a lot and this one seems to be the best quality for a budget mobo, because it deals good with heat and can make ram run at 3200 mhz.
  3. will i be able tu set the ram at 3200 mhz with the xmp without issues? If so, will it make any harm to the cpu? Intel says that 10400 only supports up to 2666 mhz, and I'm scared I might break it down.
Why 10th gen?
i've read the 12 gen has some issues with windows and the motherboards and on top of that it will cost me 100 USD more to get it. As for Ryzen, a build with a 5700g and roughly the same hardware (without gpu) will cost me 550USD. I think that buying the 1050ti for 150 USD more would be better.

Any help will be kindly received, thanks in advance.
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