Building new pc dont want to have to reinstall and download all my pictures and games again


Jul 8, 2016
Hi im new to building pcs and junk but like a year or 2 ago i bought an abs dreadnought off of newegg and it has served me well even through the little scuffs ive encountered with windows and drivers screwing up, but recently ive been having issues with it such as it being louder than a fighter plane, loud crackling noises from my headphones, broken or non functional usb ports, generaly being slow when it comes to some games so i thought "hey ima save me up some money and buy some parts" and i got around 1400 ish and i went on newegg and the sort and did a research spree on what to buy, when i got the hardrive part i forgot that i would have to go through all that bullcrap i had with this pc when it came to windows and downloading my stuff (some of which i cant just download) so is it possible that i can just transfer my hard drive from this pc to the one that im planning on building? with the least amount of reinstalling and money being spent

Also this is what im planning buying now that i think about it i could just keep my old mother board but im not sure

K so i just relized something again, i searched up my mother board i have right now and graphics card and they were the same brand so im not even sure itll screw up, im also changing my pcu so not sure if thatll cause problems:/