Building New PC Gaming System - Please Help


Dec 14, 2012
Hi guys, I m building a New PC with these specs for now :

XClio 3060 II Mid-Tower Case
i5 3570K
Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 CO
Asus P8Z77-V LX -
8gb Corsair Vengenace 1600mhz (low profile)
650W Corsair PSU 80+
320gb SATA WD 7200rpm 8mb cache HD
and about the VGA I'm between Asus GTX 660 2GB OC DirectCU II or the Sapphire HD 7870 2GB OC!

I'm building this system for Gaming! Are these specs ok? What about the VGA? What VGA you suggest me doing? For now I m settiling for that 320GB HD (will it lag my games or lower any FPS?)

About the CPU cooling : is that heatsink ok for little overclocking?
I cant go larger than that beacause my case is Mid Tower and narrow!

About the mobo: Its stated that its ATX form factor but its not the full size! is that normal? And I noted that the ram slots are much nearer the cpu, unlike Full ATX Form Factor! Will I have problems with the heatsink interfering with the ram sticks?
My mobo :( 30.5 cm x 21.8 cm ) NOT ( 30.5 cm x 24.4 cm )

Then Later Next Year : Changing the Case to a Cm Haf X and OCZ Vertex 4 128gb SSD, Corsair H100i = better Overclocking! Maybe 2nd VGA SLI/Crossfire

Wish you can help me out right now as I m about to order all the parts from Amazon UK! Any better ideas & opinions???

Thanks guys! ;)


Sep 21, 2012


I'd be more than happy to help but there are so many questions that needed answered first. here are a few to get started - Budget? is the main question also what games will you be playing? what resolution do you plan on playing at? Do you want to leave options open for future upgrades and overclocking? If you'd like to instantly correspond feel free to hit me up on my facebook page or skype: IamApropos (easier to IM on that) Just FYI, I use that facebook page to give computer build consultation.