Oct 18, 2009
Hi, hope you understand my English, im from Denmark.

Im building a new pc for a friend. Motherboard is Gigabyte X38-Ds4, and cpu is Intel Q6600.
Powersupply is Thermaltake ThoughPower 750W. And the Graphiccard that also is the problem is XFX Ati 4870Hd.
Ram is Cosair Dominator.

The problem is that when i boot up the Pc, it seems like theres no connection at all, to the screen, its just black, i dont see any bios startup.
I have connected 2 Pci cables direct to the Graphic card and also the 12W connector to the motherboard.

I hope some of you could give me an advice or just a hint, i have tried everything but theres no connection to the screen.

Best regards,
Erling Hansen