Building one rig, revising another.


Apr 26, 2009
Been reading the forums here for a while, and I took 3 old systems apart and put them back together(2 of them were "broken" that really didn't fit my description of broken after a little TLC) after burning two free mobos down I gained a base knowledge of over clocking and how a machine tends to act before it has a smoke.

That said it should be obvious that I am no hardware expert,
but there's a lot to be gained here once you get past the general forum difficulties and ego's.

Situation 1;
Say you had two 15k 73.4G scsi hard drives (one with an 80 on connec the other with something a little more modern)
and an antec sonata III with the 500W psu I.E-
and no cables for said devices or pci-e controller card to run them in raid 0 much less a converter to make both the hdd's stable
and you are going to bite the bullet and get an am3 mobo/ram/cpu deal because you have some kinda complex that went somthing like "d@mn the man save the pocketbook"I.E.-
you have two 120mm fans in your case and hard drive fans for those hot hard drives(two fan simple coolers)
you want an all purpose machine that you can work with, maybe game on occasion but mostly a super-fast reasonable workstation machine that you may overclock or you may not(you have your reasons) that you are going to be using to learn how to program in various languages (like Spanish or C? like C next question)

Where would you go from here if you were using these parts("take it all back and get your money back" responses will be every other similar post) ?
Situation 2:
Your significant other (in this case my wife) has an old a6300f dell(not the biggest fan, kinda got a monopoly going on, and I really really don't care for their BIOS)I.E.-

and you just updated the ram to 2 Gigs and tossed a reasonable 500g hd in there with it so its got a terrabyte or something of space and she wants it pretty and shiny and you want to water cool it in a very stylish DIY fashion (building things myself is my hobby, though I'm usually far more of a function over form guy than most I'm still taking this on)

so your scrapping the case and cooling it in a fashion that could be considered overboard in every way save for the pocketbook(gotta be reasonable)
here's the transplant case-

so that's you and that's what you're stuck with (the machines not the wife)

We're looking at $600 for Situation 1 (650 max including the $400somtehing mobo-cpu-RAM combo may have to save more for supplies).

And Situation 2 is an ongoing labor of love that you will chip in for every now and again to upgrade without breaking yourself.

If you read all that and actually considered helping, thanks,
if you do help or try to, thanks again, and you don't mind parenthesis too much.


Feb 9, 2007
In the first case I think you might be better off looking at a server board considering the drives your putting in there.

In the second case (did your wife pick that thing out?) you do realize that your going to be cleaning the inside of that thing weekly because of the dust.