Question Building PC without case for testing - Safe to have the components installed on the board while I wait?


Nov 4, 2016
Hey guys,

I was wondering if it's safe to build my PC without a Case (it will take like 1-2weeks for the case to arrive) to test the components and such. I think this should be safe to do, but can I leave the components mounted on the motherboard and store it until the case arrives? Just so I don't have to mount the cooler again. I'm on the edge about this because I have a DRP4 cooler and it seems pretty heavy, and I'm scared it can do some damage or whatever to the board during this time. Again, I'm only planning on testing the components and will not use the computer until the case arrives, it's just a question of can I leave it like this, with the cooler, ram, cpu mounted - or should I just unmount everything and redo it when the case arrives?
Also I will have to jump start the motherboard. That should be safe as well right?

It will be perfectly safe.
A cpu cooler cant damage your motherboard because of its weight.
They have to be designed in such way to balance their way across the whole board.
Thats why every cooler has its own mounting mechanism.
Just lay the board with all the components installed on the motherboard box,or any cardboard piece,and put it on a shelf somewhere.
You are all good.