Building problem XP freezing on install



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I started building this computer about a day or two ago. The main components
I used are:


P4 2.4C 512k 800fsb

1 gig 3200 ddr

80 gig Samsung 7200 ata 133

And the rest of the components I scrapped from an old computer.

Everything was going smoothly until I was trying to put the heatsink on the
cpu (after I applied the thermal compound). I thought the heatsink was set
perfectly on the cpu so I flipped the latch on one side, the side that was
set properly, and let my friend, his first build, do the other side. He was
struggling pushed to hard and broke the latch. We realized the heatsink
wasn’t on properly and took it off. We then reset the heatsink on top of the
cpu and struggled to turn the broken latch over so it would lock. We were
successful but in the process we used a lot of force on the heatsink and cpu.
Im afraid that maybe something could be wrong with that. Then we continued
to build and everything went smoothly. We turned the computer on for the
first time and everything looked good. We went into BIOS and set all of the
proper settings for our configuration. Then we tried to install the
operating system, win xp sp2. It loaded up fine and then we got to the point
where we wanted to partition the drive so we could install the OS. We hit
enter on the regular (not quick) option and the computer froze. We let it
sit for a while and then we realized that everything we tried was futile. We
turned the computer off and then rebooted up the computer and it gave us the
message “error loading operating system�. We then tried a boot disk in the
floppy drive which was unsuccessful. We put the win xp boot disk in the
computer to try and boot from that, but every time the computer would
automatically restart as it began working with the disk. Then we brought the
hd to a different computer and put it as the slave drive. We were able to
erase that partition and then tried to install xp on it from the other
computer. Xp was then installed on the computer and we put it back in the
new computer, it didn’t work, it wanted me to put in the win xp boot disk.
We then reformatted the hd and deleted the partition again. We put it back
in the new computer and tried to install xp once more. We were able to do
what we weren’t able to before and partition the drive, but once xp started
copying its files to the hd, it froze again. What is causing the computer to
keep freezing? Could it be the problem with the cpu/heatsink or is it
something completely different? I’ve never seen anything like this before
and I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. Any help is much appreciated!


Jun 25, 2003
Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?)

Generally, the only reason the OS won't install is because of a hardware

My first suggestion would be to remove any hardware that is not necessary
for the installation.
- Then if it fails
- swap the RAM