Building up server


Mar 31, 2012

Ok, so here is my idea.I am in plan to own file sharing hosting, so it would be for some small files, like 10MB max for the beginning and after that I will raise the uploading limit, so what kind of internet packet I should use with what kind of internet speed should be I mean Upload/Download and I want to build a server so my budget is 1000-1400 euros for building up a server and start to make the file sharing site. I hope I will get soon some good answers.



It depends on your traffic and on your budget. If you have a normal internet connection then you are foolish to buy a high end processor/mobo. If you have a T1 then your bandwidth will demand a more powerful server.

At your budget I doubt that you will be getting a T1 and, if your traffic is light, you will not need a heavy duty CPU. I think that these might suit:

The mobos will also fit your goals:

The bigest cost for you will be your HDDs and whether you will run them seperately or in a RAID array. I recommend that you stick with HDDs of 2 TB or less because there are still issues with Windows systems recognizing HDDs over 2 TB. Whether you want to provide SSD caching for the array is another consideration. If you go with 6 2 TB HDDs it will cost you upwards of $800 (and maybe even $1000).

As fir your OS I recommend Windows Home Server 2011 or Ubuntu.