Question Built a computer, installed windows, everything seemed to be fine for around 2 months until recently, i get blue screens with different error codes

Mar 25, 2023
it seems to be inconsistently broken and what i mean by inconsistently broken is i could go a couple days and it would work fine then all of a sudden the next day i boot up my PC and it goes into safe mode instantly and when i try to get it to boot up it goes to some blue screen error with a different error code everytime, then after restarting a couple times and CMOSing my MOBO it finally goes to windows and if im lucky i get a couple mins to do Sfc and DISM scans and repairs to try and fix it. Sometimes it blue screens before i can run those commands and im back to square one.

Then the next day i wake up and my pc works completely fine maybe for even a couple days then the blue screen stuff comes back again, the error codes are like kernel stuff and other error codes so i cant really narrow the issue down for yall.

it is so irritating because after 2 months of what seemed like a smoothly working PC, and i made no suspicious installs, it randomly just goes into this blue screen madness.

common Stop codes A, 3B and 139

common error BSOD code kernel_security_check_failure but its different everytime

sorry if this is too vague but i really dont know what else to tell yall. thanks for the help.

tldr: pc working smoothly for a couple months but then randomly blue acreens with different error codes each time and i cant boot, but then the next week its smooth then its back to this.

Edit: now whenever i try booting my pc Mobo red and yellow lights flicker for a minute everytime i try to boot before posting in safe mode, then i have to select the windows boot manager then i finally get into windows 11 but then a bsod comes out of nowhere and seemingly unprovoked, it comes sometimes 2 minutes in or an hour in and sometimes it never comes, i tried resetting my windows and using cloud download but that didnt fix the issue. I tried reseating my ram to maybe fix the mobo booting into safe mode issue but nothing worked. i tried cmosing my mobo but again not working.

it used to be just the bsod errors but now my pc always boots into safe mode before windows.