Question Built-in Bluetooth has disappeared ?


Feb 14, 2017
I have an Asus Strix Z270E Gaming MOBO with built-in Bluetooth.
I am on Windows 10 Pro x64.
I was trying to activate BLE on a VirtualBox Linux (Guest) until Bluetooth disappeared from Device Manager.
I am 100% positive that I have built-in Bluetooth because I've used it to connect an Xbox Controller to my PC.

Now I don't have Bluetooth on the PC anymore. It's like I never had it.
It's not in Device Manager even when I select Show Hidden Devices.
It's not in Action Center and I've tried adding it but it does not exist.
I don't have Bluetooth ON/OFF switch in Bluetooth & other devices.

I've used IObit Driver Booster to install and update my drivers, still no BLE.
I've downloaded BLE drivers from, still no BLE.

Any ideas ?

It amazes me how Bluetooth disappeared in an instant while I was using it and then nothing ?
i had a similar issue with my last board.
all of a sudden one day, no more Bluetooth options within Windows.
it was a corrupted driver within Windows that started the mess but removing them all and uninstalling everything related and then reinstalling didn't seem to help.
i ended up buying a small ASUS Bluetooth USB adapter that worked fine.

a year or so later upon a fresh re-install of Windows & system drivers the motherboard's Bluetooth showed up again and worked fine from there on out.

i've seen other instances with other users where for some reason Bluetooth had been disabled in the BIOS and\or within Windows Settings.