[SOLVED] Built-in Corsair fan controller blew up after switching SATA power connection

Dec 16, 2018
While installing two new HDDs I had to switch around some SATA power cables so everything would fit properly in my Corsair 570X. While moving the cables around I switched which SATA power cable the fan controller was plugged into. I turned the PC on (started up with all components powering up) and immediately smoke started coming from the side of the case where the fan controller is attached. I unplugged the power and discovered the cable that runs from the fan controller to the SATA power cable had melted, but there was no damage to the SATA cable itself or the connection. It should also be noted that I've had this case for almost two years now without any major issues like this.

I haven't powered on the machine since the melting in fear of further damaging something. What caused the fan controller wire to melt? Why did the PSU not detect the short (if that is what happened) and shut itself off?

The computer has a RM100x PSU which has also functioned for more than a year without a hitch.



Aug 17, 2018
it did detect that is why only the controller melted and not the whole psu/computer, its possible that after you pluged it in the connection wasnt to good or it was tilted or the connector was damaged ( dont worry happends to the best of us, still i had 2 ssds die cause of the same problem i closed the back panel and it pressed on the cable and tilted it probably) if you still wonder why did it melt if it had detected the short its cause of the electrical arc that we humans use to weld giant skyscrapers ( it happends instantaneous that it makes tones of heat in very very very small time less then 20 ms but temperatures can go over 500 degrees in that time )