Question Built in RGB in case works only in BIOS and for a few seconds until Windows starts loading ?

May 22, 2022
Hello everyone,

I´ve built a new PC today using case Gamemax Shine / G517 which has 1 built in 120 mm FAN with RGB and RGB on the front panel paired with that "control system" for it with button to control it on top of the case.

However, that FAN and FRONT RGB works only while I´m in bios (FAN is running ok, but no lights) and once PC finish the initial startup and start booting windows, both RGB just stop working.

FAN is connected to MB as FAN_SYS 1 via 3 pin + molex from PSU and one molex is connected to the control unit of FAN+ FRONT RGB.

(PSU EVGA 500 W, MB Aorus elite B550 V2, CPU Ryzen 5 3600X)

Any advice will be much appreciated! Thank you.