Built New PC - Horrible Internet Connection (Previous Computers Connected Perfectly Fine)

Jul 21, 2018
I built a gaming PC about a month or so ago. Everything worked quite well, except for its internet connectivity. I 'cheaped' out on the motherboard and bought the MSI H310A LGA 1151, which had no integrated wifi chip. No problem, I thought. Went online and bought a highly rated USB wifi adapter from Amazon. Worked fine for browsing, but almost every game was unplayable (consistently got around 400 ping on BF4, and BF1 was even worse). I then decided to try the TP-Link AV1000, which a friend who also recently built a PC uses. So far, I can sometimes get the expected ping in games, but it's often very spotty, and I spend most of the time dealing with an average 750 kb/s download speed and 300+ ping. The odd thing is that the TP Link units show a red light, meaning poor connectivity, which I can't understand, considering my old Alienware X51 (I know. It was a present.) and the numerous other computers and laptops in my household get great connection.

Is it possible that there is something wrong with the PC itself? Should I try a Wifi card that plugs directly into the motherboard? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Comp Specs:

Motherboard- MSI H310A PRO LGA 1151

CPU- i7-7800k


RAM- G. Skill 16 GB (2x8)
start with the mb bios make sure it up to date to rule out a bios bug. download the newest intel chipset drivers. google the chipset used on the wifi usb devices make sure your using the newest chipset driver. on your router make sure it has the newest firmware. also use the usb wifi sticks and third party software see how many wifi are near you and what speed and what channel there on. you may have to many local wifi on the same channel you may want to move the default channel on the router to one no one is using. on the wifi adaptor turn off power savings. check the default settings. try turning off 20hrz spacing and turn on gaming mode. if the adaptor on the back of the case try one of the front usb ports.