Built system issues/Random reboots

Oct 21, 2018
Hey all, I have an issue with my custom built PC that is making me scratch my head.
For about 1 week now, my PC has been randomly rebooting, no BSOD no warnings or anything, just goes to black and boots back up.
I thought maybe reseating components might help so I reseated my RAM, video card, CPU (new thermal compound applied) and reseated the motherboard and GPU power cables. I also removed my CPU and GPU overclock (still using XMP profile on my RAM).
Now, the computer doesn’t seem to reboot, but the video is cutting in and out/going black for a second and coming back frequently/every few minutes.
Something that happened a month or so back that might have started this issue: I dropped an Allen wrench onto the motherboard and when I reached to get it, it went underneath my CPU water block and touched the edge of the processor while the computer was running, which caused the system to immediately shut down (maybe I shorted something but not sure). I was able to turn it right back on and didn’t have any issues for a few weeks until now.
I’ll post my specs below but any and all suggestions to troubleshoot and fix this issue are greatly appreciated!

System water cooled with EKWB A240G: CPU and GPU
Ryzen 5 1600
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3200mhz
MSI B350 mortar MB
240GB Toshiba OCZ SSD + 1 TB HD + 2 TB HD
Thermatake Toughpower Grand 750watt RGB PSU
Thanks again in advance!

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