Question Bunch of problems never seen before from a moment to another

May 28, 2023
Hi everyone guys,

I start this topic as a first message to ask you if you've ever heard of something like this.

So I bought this computer 2 years ago from a dutch company that builds gaming and working laptops. It has a 3080, 64gb of ram, 2 samsung ssd's, and amd ryzen 95900hx and so on. So basically it's very fast. I've been in touch with the guys from the dutch company in these last days and even them can't explain what's going on. Good news is that it's still on warranty, so I can send it back to them toget it fixed (hopefully) but the point is that I'm from Italy and if I send the laptop to Netherlands, plus the work, plus the time to have it back, I'll stay without a pc for like 1 month, and I can't work... (I'm a photographer/videomaker).

So what's going on basically: I was using the laptop and everything was fine as always, then suddenly it started to freeze. Even videos on youtube started to lag and freeze and even opening a single folder became impossible.

Tried to turnoff and on the pc multiple times but nothing...same error. Then I proceeded with a fresh new Windows installation (W10) thinking there was some software errors, but nothing, even slower than before, don't know how is that possible. Tried to update to W11...nothing stillincredibly slow.

Then I noticed something even more weird that I really never seen before. Parts of icons, folders,windows and stuff are getting somehow "printed" in the screen, and they get stuck there. Sometimes they go sometimes they stay. You cans ee what I mean from the photo attached. Then there are some other minor problem coming out randomly for example brightness shortcut on the keyboard not working or control centre software doing random things (these kind of computers have a control center software from where you can change many things, one of which is the "power" of the pc. you can choose from balanced or enthusiast or overclock. sometimes the overclock setting makes the laptop slower than the balanced setting. completely nosense.)

I already checked the ssds, they seem to be fine.

Checked the CPU. seems to be fine.

GPU too doesn't seem to have any issue or damage.

Tried to remove one stick of memory at a time to see if there were problems with rams...nothing, it changed nothing.

We don't have any other ideas honestly. Do you?

Something that is very weird for me is this fact: the start up is very fast. I turn on the computer, i put the password and login, I can open photoshop, lightroom, premiere pro, chrome, folders and files all ot once and it will take like 15 seconds to open them all. Everything is very fast at the startup...then something happens and after 1 and a half minute or 2 minutes max it become unusable and you can't even watch a single video on youtube that everything lags and freezes

Sorry if I made this too long, tried to be as clear as possible. Hope you can help.

Thank you for your time!