Burning Lan Chip


Nov 20, 2006
Earlier today, Windows stopped finding sites on the net - I checked net connections and the connection had disappeared, I checked Device Manager and the onboard lan had disappeared too.

I checked it wasn't a BIOS setting and it wasn't.

I opened up the case and took out a new graphics card, I only fit it today, and no change.

I gently pressed the top plastic piece of the onboard lan chip, which is right next to PCI-E x16 - and it was burning hot, hurt me a bit.

I checked PCI-E voltages and returned BIOS to default, no change.

So I turned the PC off (at front switch) and it was still burning hot ... I turned the PC back on and placed a temperature probe on its surface, it read 90c!

I turned the PC off at the PSU and it quickly cooled down, but once the PSU goes back on - its instantly burning.


What is up?

Could I have damaged it fitting the PCI-e graphics card? I've fit them before and had no trouble.

Is it safe to use? Its the only PC in the house ...

The board is a 965P DS3 - so much for durability enhanced!


Oct 6, 2006
I would strongly recommend you contact Gigabyte for an RMA immediately before anything else fries. And if I were you I wouldn't use it if at all possible, unless you like the smell of burnt silicon and fiberglass in the morning.