Burning smell location


Oct 27, 2015
Hello. Last night my PC shutoff abruptly while playing ARK survival evolved. It tried to turn back on, But repeatedly turned off and on.

In that split second, I noticed that there was still power to the motherboard.

I yanked everything out, and started smelling. I started with the power supply, which is a EVGA 1000W 80+Gold. No burnt smell.

I yanked the Graphics card, a EVGA 980ti, and I can smell burnt electronics, but.. it's not as strong as the AIO cpu cooler. I smell inside the radiator vent after removing the fan, and I smell the burnt electronics smell decently stronger.

Took out the ram, No smell. Removed the motherboard, inspected for heat scarring and found no signs of it. Removed the CPU, and that was fine.

I'm fairly certain it's not the PSU.
I've already started RMA on my GTX980ti. Should I RMA my all-in-one and see if that fixes the problem also?

Also, the computer did not make any sounds during the fry. It just turned off, tried booting, I pulled the plug, smelled electronics.
Are you sure the AIO wasn't leaking on the 980Ti? Trying to think of a common link causing those two to have the burnt smell. I'd check everything carefully taking pics if needed for RMA. Do you have another GPU and cooler to test board, CPU, and PSU?