Question burning smell now PC wont boot fans spin for 1 second but doesnt power on

Oct 15, 2019
Hi all just looking for some advice for my pc, my specs are:

i5-4690k(3.5ghz), asus z97 pc mate, 2X 4gb ddr3 hyperx, 1tb western digital, corsair cx750, gtx970 strix

So i was browsing the web a few weeks ago when the pc suddenly shut off which was followed by a burning smell i removed power cable and the gpu light is on to indicate power . when powered on my fans and fans on gpu will spin for 1 second but no boot. i have now isolated all the parts with just my mobo, cpu and ram with 24 pin and cpu cable in, still nothing (psu fan spins once) when i remove the cpu cable and the cpu from the socket the psu powers on also all fans recieve power and spin when cpu is removed. I also tested this with a corsair vs550w (same result) One thing i have noticed on my cpu is that theres a slight bit of somesort of black glue on the metal lid (only slightly noticable but assuming this is not normal) Unfortunately i have no spare board or cpu to test with but i'm guessing its a cpu problem. Please note i built this system in 2015 and i am aware it is old but i am prepared to replace a few parts.

link to the black marks on the cpu.(im am aware it is the glue under cpu lid but ive never seen it like this?)

thank you
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