Burning smell



my child left the computer running for a few days straight and one morning I came in to a burning smell. I powered it off and have not been able to turn back on the system.
Major bummer! :(

The burning odor is usually associated with blown capacitors on the motherboard or a fried power supply. The capacitors on the motherboard look like cylinders. Examine them closely to see if any are odd shaped or looked like they leaked.

The power supply cannot be examined as easily.

Any chance the pc, motherboard, and/or the power supply are still under warranty?
That would be a good place to start.
Also, try and use your nose in the process.
See if you can smell a component or region that is more 'burnt' then the rest.

Take a quick look at the two pics below.
The first shows a bulging cap, the second a leaking one.
Either are bad for you...



Best Luck!