Burr-Feinstein Anti-Encryption Draft Officially Released, Wyden Promises Filibuster

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Dec 17, 2008
[quotemsg=17817236,0,1852884]Filibusters as a concept make a mockery of democracy. They essentially hand the power of veto to any senator.[/quotemsg]

A filibuster is a better alternative than having our private data made available to the world, un-encrypted, just because some Senators are braindead when it comes to technology of any type....
Anything to do with Feinstein is a cluster of GRAPES. All this bill will do is cost American jobs, as strong encryption will be available from off-shore sources only (some of which may have back doors of their own).
Until the American People impose dire consequences on their elected parasites for oath-breaking, this abuse will continue and worsen.


Mar 11, 2015
Good luck. You cant get rid of open source. you can force Microsoft to stop allowing encryption. You can force apple. You wont stop Linux.

In what way would the bill achieve this? Can Microsoft or Apple actual patch the OS to not run any kind of encryption software? Is that even feasible? I agree, 3rd party software - particularly open source software, is the big hole in the bill. I wonder if the authors of this bill realize that you can only force companies to do so much. No company can change the math or the reality of the situation.


Jun 3, 2013
Onus hit the nail on the head, I believe as well, every foreign country will dodge the United States as a plague nation when it comes to data storage. Of course this will have an impact on jobs. While this "Bill" seems to focus on encryption, it is just a smoke and mirror ploy to get unlimited access at any time by the government. Maybe Hillary Clinton should have used encryption with her latest e-mail fiasco. Oh wait, as soon as "most" encryption will be accessible, the American people can find out about all the little hidden games the politicians play anyway. Do they think they are above the law? The "Bill" they are proposing will expose them as well. In my opinion, and my opinion only, Data should be treated just like any other property. In must go through a "due process" and have a court order just like any other search warrant. If Feinstein thinks these "holes" in encryption will not be exploited, she really needs to sit down with a knowledgeable person in I.T. Securities. Please have her quit the sensationalism B.S. that gets her name in the papers. She appears to be clearly over her head here. Now we have politicians meddling with advanced mathematical algorithms. Lord have mercy.
And to add to Onus' bull's eye, Feinstein sat on the Senate Intelligence Committee and approved the Iraq War and was a committee member of MILCON while her husband scored from military contracts. Yes, the same Diane Feinstein who is in the top ten of the richest members of the US Congress. Yet California Democrat liberals continue to vote for her and yell at Republicans and the military industrial complex. You just can't make this stuff up.
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