Question Buy 3rd gen Ryzen now or wait till 4th gen relese?

Nov 30, 2019
Hi guys
I need to build a new PC for work. It's not urgent but I need to do it soon. Threadripper 3970x is what I'd like to go for. Thing is, if gen 4 is coming out in Sep/Oct is it worth waiting to either get a deal on a 3970x (when the prices drop due to the new gen releases) or to see if there's a better 4th gen Threadripper coming out?

Is it worth buying CPUs when the first come out? Aren't there likely to be motherboard problems when CPUs first get released?

Cheers, Andrew


What's launching around the corner are mainstream Ryzen 4000 desktop parts, not another Threadripper.
I'm not sure why a mainstream part launch would affect an HEDT's prices, instead that of other mainstream parts.

Is it worth buying when they first come out? Generally, no.

Motherboard problems? ALWAYS.


You need a new pc for work. Think about the lost revenue, time wasted dealing with what you currently own, if you decide to wait, especially for the next gen TR, which so far has been 'later this year', so realistically could be halfway into next year before its viable.

What's worth more. Any potential gains with next gen + wait time, or getting something decent now and using the resources it already has.

Me, I'd not bother waiting.


Oct 26, 2018
it's getting more difficult to get a "better" deal on the gen that's just phasing out... well that's what I've noticed lately.

Personally I'm still sitting on Ivy bridge 3570k, and I'll do so until the 4th gen Ryzen comes out. The only reasons for that is because my needs don't exceed CPU limit, ONLY GPU in my case. So I can afford to wait around for it. Another reason is because the 3xxx NVIDIA GPUs will be coming out around the same time.

All dependent on your needs, but it's probably worth your wait because you will be able to pick up a newer CPU and GPU at the same time.

Although, the 4th gen Ryzen will not have any SPECTACULAR gains over 3rd gen from what I have seen.