Buy a new Video card or new desktop?


Dec 10, 2010
I have an HP Pavillion p6644y Special Edition Desktop PC (See link)

I upgraded 2 years ago to a Radeon HD5770 1GB & a 600W power supply (see link)

I am looking to upgrade my video card again as I feel this is behind the times for online games. I have limited space inside this desktop as I bought it stock versus building it. Can anyone recommend one that would fit that is a higher end graphics card $200.00-$400.00 range or should I just buy a new desktop?

If I buy a new desktop I only want to spend $1,000 or less what would be a recommendation of one that comes with a high end graphics card? Places to buy it?

Thanks for the expert help




You'll get most for your money if you build a new one. There are enough videos out there that walk you through it that it should not be intimidating. It's really quite easy. As you've noticed, you don't get as much for your money if you buy pre-built systems from retailers.

But I'm afraid I can't answer your main question, is your CPU/system good enough that it warrants investing in just a video card instead of a new system. I'll leave that for others who are more expert. Your processor is like three generations old.