Question Buy Brand New PS4 Slim Or Upgrade My Current PC?


Jan 14, 2016
sup guys hope you are all healty , the worlds is chaotic right now i hope everyone is safe and hope worild will get better soon..

currently i have a PCfor spec :

i5 4460 Haswell refresh

8GB of Ram DDR3

GTX960 2GB

550W 80plus bronze PSU


1TB Hard drive

for now mostly i playing dark souls 3 , dark souls 2 and dark souls remastered and some relaxing game like tem tem , stardew valley , or wizard of legend, i played a lot of games before but after i finished it, i never touch them again.

im a fan of miyazaki games (dark souls series and sekiro) i played them and i think this is suitable for me..and bloodborne make me interested unfortunately i cant get it on PC.

elden ring wil be release soon (june 2020 i believe) , i think my pc cant handle elden rings smoothly because it's already hard for my pc to handle sekiro and dark souls 3 (i need to lower the graphics setting to gives me stable fps)

im thinking about getting PS4 slim , its much cheaper right now (250$ also it comes with bundled pack games last of us ,god of war and horizon zero dawn ) and i think i need buy led tv since my monitor doesnt have hdmi input , if i want to upgrading my PC i only can afford either brand new GPU or CPU (i cant upgrade all of them)

what makes me interest of PS4:


-more cheaper than upgrading pc

-less power consumption

-bundled pack games ( even though i have no interest any of this games, but still i will play it)

-exclusive games (even though only bloodborne makes me interest)

what makes me not interest of PS4:

-i NEED to buy playstation plus membership in order to play multiplayer and other things (60$ a year ,that's crazy)

-doesn't have steam so i cant play dark souls 3 on my steam , i need to buy again if i want to play which is very expensive and also need ps plus membership to play multiplayer so i think it doesn't worth to get new ds3 on ps4

-i cant turn on both of my pc and ps4 at a same time (electric limit)

-only can play games , so i cant multitask

-i believe the games on PS4 much more expensive than games on PC

-harder for maintenance and regular cleaning (my room pretty hot and kinda dusty)

what makes me interest upgrading PC:

-i can still play my old games and upcoming games



-no need to pay for multiplayer

-easier to cleaning and maintenance

-i believe the games on PC much more cheaper than games on PS4

what makes me not interest upgrading PC:

-darn expensive for worthy upgrade

-only can enjoy watching ppl playing bloodborne on youtube

-more power consumption than PS4

is it worth investing my money on PS4?(not just for the console but the games itself) let's say until 2025? or its better to stay on PC and slowly upgrading my PC?