Buy complete package or parts?


May 4, 2006
Hello all
Im considering either buying a full package from
Its a I7 920 with dual 4870 cards and 9 gig ram and 1 TB HDD, (gateway FX 6800 -03)

Or should i go for individual parts?
If i should do invividual YOU as community need to beat the price at 1599.99 Canadian dollars with stores in Canada
ala NCIX or

Thanks for your time!

PS! Timelimit... have to be done before Wednesday March 25 11 AM 09

why dont you price the components on newegg?

Its takes an hour to assemble a computer [ my record is 17 minutes ... and another 2 hours working out why it wouldnt run ] and a couple of hours to install windows and basic programs

Include the cost of software . Your home built wont come bundled with MS office ....


May 4, 2006
PS! When i build, (talking in account of my 6 last builds) i can post and play pretty much from get go once i have assembled the pc. Haven't had a PC issue in a long time. Short of my recent burn in of mobo/processor that this pc will replace.
Hmm...but the config states it has only one 4870 and not dual...
For a single 4870 config, you can easily get a better config for less than $1500...

CPU + Mobo

RAM- You wont need more than 6GB of RAM...And these are surely faster than the
one that comes with that system.

CPU Cooler

HDD - Same 1TB capacity but this is a high performance WD Black...U can get 1TB cheaper than this but its worth the extra money...

CASE - A very gud mid tower case - CM 690...has very gud air flow even better than certain full towers...

PSU - Corsair 750TX (One of the best)

Same 1GB 4870

Total $1449

So the additionals like keyboard, mouse,etc... wont cost more than $50...
So finally $1499 , with better parts than what you get from the gateway system...

Well even that Gateway is not a bad buy...
If you get a 3 year warranty, go for it...

But am sure it will have cheap quality components though...because to give such a config for that price, they would have to skimp on the quality of the parts...