Buy Current Coffee Lake Mobos or wait?


May 12, 2014
I'm in the process of building a new gaming rig and I've decided to go with the new i7-8700.

And I've noticed that the current Mobos available seem like refit kaby lake mobos. I'm specifically looking at the Asus ROG Strix z370-e.

Should I hold out for the next round of mobos (i know we don't have any details yet) or do you all think I'm good to get the z370-e?
My guess is that the next gen chipset is going to be needed to support the upcoming high tread count processors. 16-24 or such.
For gaming, 2-3 fast threads are sufficient.
I think the I5-8600K is as good as it gets for gaming.
I would opt for that as a better and cheaper gaming processor than the I7-8700
You get 6 threads and a overclock north of 4.5.

And, yes, the Z370 should be fine.
I don't see any immediate advantage of the next chipset. Considering the 370 chipset was released a couple months ago, I would not expect anything new from Intel till June of 2018. So it may be awhile. I also don't really see any big feature updates that will come with a new chipset other than more PCIe lanes. I highly doubt PCIe 4.0 or DDR5 will be on Intel mobos next year.
I don't think there's been any news on 400 series chipsets, I wouldn't expect them to come out for a while. There's mysterious Z390 chipset rumored to be coming out 1H 2018 with support for 8 core CPUs.

The upcoming coffee lake chipsets coming out early next year are just the 300 series versions of the H110, B250, and H270 chipsets, which are all beneath Z370 in Intel's chipset hierarchy.

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