Buy parts on sale from Newegg one by one or wait for black friday/cyber monday?


Sep 21, 2017
I'm going to be building a PC soon but as i picked my parts I realised that some parts are already on sale at Newegg. Should I get the ones that are on sale now and the rest on Black friday or when another sale comes up? Or should I wait to buy everything during Black Friday period?

Edit: This is my first build so it's not like I have anything to upgrade.
1. Black Friday sales are getting worse, good selling parts will not be put on sale, good limited deals may be gone in several minutes.
2. Get parts one by one: Depending on how urgent you need your pc. If not in a hurry, get one by one is much better and you can certainly start from black Friday, not exceeding 30 days :) Only thing is to consider shipping cost as well. If you are eligible for shop runner, you may be fine, otherwise, shipping together will be cheaper.
3. Most important, choose ship to Fedex option, saw a post yesterday that the package is lost/stolen...

In all, it is a gamble, no one will be sure which way is better. Just do your homework, make sure your parts are compatible :)


"Black Friday/Cyber Monday" is not a date, but rather a marketing term for the period of 1 Nov - 15 Jan.

Buy the parts when you need them, and when they are at a price you wish to pay. I've seen the exact same part cheaper in July than on Black Friday.
And buy them all within a couple of weeks. Spreading it out too long deprives you of the easy 30 return at Newegg or Amazon.


Apr 3, 2013
I advise agaisnt buying one by one. If you buy several parts over the course of a few months and finally put your system together only to find that the first part you purchased is past the 30 day return policy then you are out of luck.

I say out of luck but most parts will have a 1 or 2 year warranty. If you purchased off newegg for example you could get an immediate replacement while you send in the defective/wrong part.