Question Buy RTX 3060 Ti now or wait for RTX 4060 ?


Sep 16, 2020
I have an RTX 2060 with a Ryzen 5 5600X for 1080p to run AAA games at medium-low graphics settings, ray tracing off and quality DLSS to get max fps possible.

Basically my target is 1080p at least 120 fps with higher graphics settings.

I did research asking myself these questions:
3060 Ti is around $570 in my area so I assume 4060 will be expensive but how much MSRP will it be?
I know 3060 Ti will be good with my 750w PSU but, how many watts will 4060 requiring?
Will my 5600X bottleneck 4060?
I didn't found info bout bundling RTX 40 with Ryzen 5000 so not sure.

I found here RTX 4060 estimates like this:
  • 20% better than 3060, almost like 3070
  • Low power than 3060, 150~180w
  • 10% expensive, around as 3060 Ti
  • DLSS 3, NVENC (is this that important for higher settings?)
  • Release around summer 2023
They compared it with 3060, so it might be around 8-10% better than 3060 Ti.
If you wanna compare 3060 and 3060 Ti:
  • 3060 is cheaper and futureproof with it's 12GB of VRAM but sacrified bandwidth.
  • 3060 Ti offers better performance so spending a little bit more worth it.
Whould you choose 12GB or 256bits?
I preffer 3060 Ti because jumping from 2060 to 3060 doesn't worth the expense (10-15 fps difference)

So for 1080p 120 fps higest settings
Whould you buy an RTX 3060 Ti right now or wait a couple of months for RTX 4060 ?
Nov 17, 2022
I think you’d be better off waiting for the 4060 if your willing. To address your questions, dlss 3 is not like the normal dlss your thinking of, it’s kind of like the motion smoothing feature on tvs it takes a 60fps base target and inpliments it’s own machine/ai learning frames to create a 120fps effect it works quite well, being reviewed by LTT. NVENC is for video encoding, stuff like streaming and recording, if you are interested in that sort of thing the 40 series will have even better encoding. Also I do not think you’d get a bottleneck from a 5600x if you do it would not be a large margin at all, it’s really up to you, personally I’d take the 256bits over a little extra vram.