Question buying 32in QHD monitor


Dec 16, 2009
Hello Tom'shardware,

I am having a hard time deciding which 32" monitor to buy today or tomorrow. I will be mostly using it for work, excel, word docs etc., so I need something comfortable on the eyes but also something I can game on when I am off work. Mostly play strategy and MMO's, occasionally a FPS. So for gaming I care more about contrast then the fastest refresh rate(sounds like I need a VA but VA can be hard on the eyes.) For FPS I play on my LG C1 OELD TV. My Budget is around 500 and I plan on using monitor in a 3 monitor setup with this display in the middle and two dell 27's on the side. I have been leaning towards a flat panel vs a curved but I am open to a curved if it makes sense.

Here are the Monitors I am looking at

LG 32GP850-B I heard it is awesome, but at the same time I have seen many people complaining about the backlighting problem.

GIGABYTE M32Q 32" not sure about buying from Gigabyte as they don't make their own panels.

MSI Optix MPG321QRF-QD Same thing here, MSI doesn't make their own panels but from the reviews I have read, maybe backlighting won't be as bad and they say the contrast is a little better. +KVM switch.

If anybody has advice or a better suggestion. I am open!